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Book Istirahas and Chalets with Almosafer Chalets+

Book Istirahas and Chalets with Almosafer Chalets+

Search, compare and choose best chalets deals

Introducing Almosafer’s Chalets+ Services

Thinking About traveling, but not too far? Travel within Saudi Arabia and book your accommodation with Almosafer. Now with Almosafer Chalets+, you can book a chalet for your next family gateway or friends' trip. A chalet will guarantee you both privacy and comfort. Many fun games and activities are also available in all our chalets, such as swimming pools, trampolines, and BBQ areas.

No matter where you are going, you will find plenty of chalet options in different Saudi cities, including Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Taif, Al Khobar, Dhahran, and Al Ula.

Almosafer’s Most Popular Chalet Areas

Still hesitant? Take a look at some of our most popular areas for chalet stays & choose the Chalet that suits you!

Ar Rimal, Riyadh

Al-Manakh, Riyadh

Al Fursan, Dammam

Dirab, Riyadh

Harazat District, Jeddah

Al Tahliya, Al Khobar

Take Advantage of the Best Online Chalet Booking 

Check Almosafer’s tips on how to attain the best Chalets for you and your family, with the best prices possible.

  1. If you’re traveling by plane, check the latest travel updates.
  2. Browse through Almosafer’s offers on Chalet booking.
  3. Read the extensive description of every Chalet.
  4. Book in advance. 
  5. Be flexible on dates.
  6. Use Chalets+ immersive 3D tour to have a better idea of the Chalet and its amenities.
  7. Go for an inland chalet rather than a sea view one for cheaper prices.
  8. Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on Almosafer's latest offers & deals.

How to Book Chalets with Almosafer?

  1. Specify the Saudi city and your preferred travel dates.
  2. You will get a list with a variety of chalets catering to your every want and need.
  3. You can even minimize the results using the available filters.  
  4. After picking a particular chalet for your stay, proceed to fill in your personal details and payment information.
  5. Once you have confirmed your Chalet booking, sit tight and await the relaxing stay of a lifetime!

Chalets Booking with Almosafer App
Download Almosafer app on App Store, Google Play, or Huawei App Gallery for the best chalets booking experience and exclusive deals on Almosafer’s Chalets+.

Chalets Health & Safety Measures 
At Almosafer, your safety is our top priority. We ensure that all our chalets follow strict health-related measures for you to have a hassle-free stay. For example:

  • Sanitization is carried out between stays. 
  • After each guest, swimming pools are sterilized.
  • Guest accommodations are always cleaned then sealed.

Please note: Each chalet has different health & safety measures, make sure to read them before booking.

Check the Most Common FAQs About Chalets in Saudi Arabia

Q. What is the difference between a chalet and a hotel?

A. Chalets are ideal for groups of friends and families. They are also a safe space for children. However, hotels are perfect for couples and travelers on business trips. Moreover, hotels enjoy more facilities and flexibility in booking.

Q. How many guests can a single chalet host?

A. Based on the chalet size and number of bedrooms, one chalet can accommodate 4 to 10 guests.

Q. Are pets allowed inside the chalet?

A. Yes, pets are allowed. Yet, it’s recommended to read the chalet's terms and conditions before booking. 

Q. Do Chalets+ by Almosafer have parking for the guests?

A. Most of the chalets have parking spots nearby.

Q. Are Chalets popular for family bookings?

A. Yes, it is very common for guests to book chalets for family stays. Our chalets offer a variety of communal areas and entertainment units, guaranteeing all family members a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

*The content of this page is professionally articulated and accurately reviewed by Almosafer's editorial team to ensure that the content is always up to date and accurate.