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Baggage Allowance for Air Cairo

Baggage Allowance for Air Cairo

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About Air Cairo

Air Cairo is an Egyptian airline that was founded in 2005. It has a fleet of 12 Airbus A320 aircraft, which are used for domestic and international flights to more than 50 destinations. The company aims to spread its network to new destinations to reach it with direct flights and increase the number of passengers yearly.

About Air Cairo

Know your free allowance on Air Cairo

Your free allowance varied based on your fare, zone, and cabin. Each has its own policy with the baggage allowance.

  • Carry-on baggage (Hand carry bag)

It is the baggage that passengers carry with them in the cabin while there is a specific weight and dimensions to fit in the hatches and is well stored, subject to safety standards

  • Checked luggage 

It has other names such as cargo baggage; It is a type of baggage in which passengers carry more weight than carry-on baggage. Checked baggage has a designated place in the cargo compartment to be stored securely with owner labels.

  • Infant baggage 

Infant baggage has its own policy, it differs from one airline to another, yet there are exceptions related to infant baggage weight. 

  • Special Baggage

Airlines set policies for the baggage with different sizes and shapes, differ in weight, and where to be stored either in the cabin or cargo compartment.

Air Cairo Baggage Allowance Policy on International, and Domestic Flights 

  • Zone 1: Between Egypt and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, rest of the Middle East).
  • Zone 2: Between Egypt and Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Germany, rest of Europe).
  • Zone 3: Domestic Egypt (Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor, Aswan, Marsa Alam, rest of Egypt).

Carry-on baggage allowance


Max weight per piece



Zone 1 

7 kg


55+40+23 cm

1 piece

Zone 2

7 kg

1 piece

Zone 3

7 kg

1 piece

Extra accepted baggage with Carry-on baggage 

  • An umbrella or walking stick.
  • A small camera.
  • A pair of binoculars.
  • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
  • A pair of crutches and/or braces is required by a passenger.
  • A laptop computer.

Checked baggage allowance


Max weight per piece


Zone 1 

32 kg/70 lbs.

1 piece

Zone 2

23 kg/50 lbs.

1 piece

Zone 3 & Charter flights 

23 kg/50 lbs.

1 piece


  • Max weight for all flights from/ to Milan (*From /To Cairo (one way /Roundtrip)) is 30 kg. 
  • Max weight for Tashkent Flights is 20 kg with a maximum one piece. 
  • Allowed dimensions 158 cm in length + width + height
  • Infant baggage weight is max 10 kg and only one piece, plus a baby stroller accepted as checked baggage free of charge
  • Any sharp objects in checked baggage should be securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.
  • In case your flight operator has been changed from air Cairo to another airline your baggage allowance may be changed accordingly 

Excess baggage

If you have more baggage that weighs more than the free allowance, you can book your online excess baggage prior to your flight for 8 hours. 

Extra weight subjects to excess baggage charges that you can check from the online website of Air Cairo.


  • Overweight must not exceed 32 kg 
  • Acceptance of the extra baggage is subjected to availability
  • Currency exchange may affect the amount to be paid.
  • Taxes are not included in the prices mentioned on the website 
  • Except for Middle East Destinations, All excess baggage preferred rates are per additional piece. 

Musical Instruments

If you are planning to travel with your musical instrument you should consider Air Cairo policy.

Musical instrument as carry-on baggage

  • You can carry your instruments with you in case of specific dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm in height x width x depth with no more than 8 kg. You may not take any further items of carry-on baggage on board with you.

Musical Instruments with Their Own Ticket Booking

  • Passenger who have musical instruments more than 55 x 40 x 23 cm in dimension, will be requested to book an extra seat 
  • To be strapped to the seat dimensions must not exceed 110 x 42 x 50 cm (height x width x depth) 

Musical Instrument as an Additional Item of Baggage

  • If your musical instruments comply with the excess baggage dimension, the passenger will pay extra fees according to the excess baggage policy


  • Only one musical instrument is allowed per customer 
  • Maximum weight for the instrument is 32 kg 
  • Window seat should be assigned for the musical instruments.
  • For instruments larger than a cello (e.g. Double-bass, Harp, Geomungo …etc.) there is no option to purchase a seat as these instruments are too large and heavy and must be accepted as cargo only.

Special Baggage 

Air Cairo offers special baggage allowances for sports and other equipment

There are many pieces of equipment with various policies to be carried on the plane you can check all from Air Cairo website 

  • Bicycle
  • Surfboard /Windsurf
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Golf Equipment
  • Kite/Kite Board
  • Archery Equipment
  • OARS
  • Diving Equipment
  • Pets

Baggage irregularities 

Damaged Baggage 

  • In case of baggage damage, passengers must contact “lost& found” department upon arrival to the airport.
  •  A form of damaged pages will be filled by the passenger, then you can arrange a time to pick up your damaged baggage 
  • In case you discover the damage after your leaving the airport, the online notification must be made ith no delay accompanied by an evidence for that damage 

Loss of baggage contents

  • Any loss of contents must be reported immediately to the customer service department after 7 days will not be considered 
  • Passenger will fill out the form of loss of contents 
  • Missing items will be reimbursed within the legal maximum liability, yet there is no reimburse in case of the valuables like jewelry, camera equipment, etc. 

Prohibited items 

  • Compressed gasses (flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) such as aerosols, camping gas
  • Explosives, ammunitions, fireworks, and flares (except sporting firearms which does not exceed 5kg of ammunitions per passenger and a max of 2 rifles)
  • Miscellaneous hazardous goods (such as mercury, noxious materials, magnetized materials, or offensive materials)
  • Radioactive material
  • Samsung Galaxy Note7
  • Ethologic agents (chemical reagent).
  • According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) – SAFO (Safety Alert for Operators) it is recommended that the e-cigarettes and related devices must be carried in the carry bags not in checked baggage.
  • Oxidizing material (bleaching powder, peroxides...etc.)
  • Flammable liquid and solids such as (lighter, matches, paints, thinner).
  • Irritants
  • Briefcases with installed alarm devices or that are lithium battery operated.
  • Corrosives (such as acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries … etc.)
  • Knives, daggers, swords...Etc.
  • Recreational Mobility Devices such as self-balancing hover boards are PROHIBITED on board Air Cairo flights as checked or carry-on baggage.
  • Dry ice more than 2.5 kg
  • Heat-generating objects
  • Oxygen generators, liquid oxygen
  • Materials that are easily ignited, such as strike anywhere matches
  • Strongly magnetic materials
  • Security bags or briefcases with lithium batteries or pyrotechnic devices

Traveling with lithium batteries

It has specific regulations and processes to be stored safely with no harm on the flight path or passengers on the flight, please check Air Cairo website for more information about devices containing lithium batteries.

*All of the above information is updated according to Air Cairo Baggage allowances.

*The content of this page is professionally articulated and accurately reviewed by Almosafer's editorial team to ensure that the content is always up to date and accurate.

FAQs for Air Cairo

  • Does Air Cairo allow web check-in?

    Yes, Air Cairo allows web check-in.

  • Does Air Cairo provide online seat selection?

    Yes, Air Cairo offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.

  • Can I cancel my flight on Air Cairo?

    Almosafer would help you with cancellations. Make sure to check our cancellation policy before making any changes. Furthermore, Cancellation information can be found via your booking details.

  • How can I find cheap Air Cairo flights?

    Compare hundreds of flights and select your date with the cheapest flight with Almosafer. Book in advance and discover great flight deals on Air Cairo.



  • Does Air Cairo offer priority boarding?

    Air Cairo provide priority boarding to business and first-class passengers, passengers with frequent flyer status or loyalty program members, and passengers with disabilities or special needs.

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