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Book Jeddah to Abha Flights

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Airfare from Jeddah to Abha

Estimated Flights Prices from Jeddah to Abha

Jeddah to Abha cheapest fare

This week cheapest price67 USD
Next 7 days cheapest price56 USD
Next 15 days cheapest price56 USD
Next 30 days cheapest price26 USD

Price trend for flights from Jeddah to Abha

Best Price/Day

Best time to book on Jeddah & Abha route

27 Days before the Departure

Quick Comparison Between Jeddah & Abha

Local Time


12:44 PM


12:44 PM


Saudi Arabia Kingdom


Saudi Arabia Kingdom


FoodBased on Affordable Restaurant


5.33 USD


5.06 USD

Public TransportOne-way Ticket


0.8 USD


2.67 USD

Average temperature





Weather in Jeddah for the next 7 days

Wed 29°C Thu 28°C Fri 29°C Sat 29°C Sun 29°C Mon 29°C Tue 31°C

Weather in Abha for the next 7 days

Wed 18°C Thu 19°C Fri 18°C Sat 18°C Sun 17°C Mon 18°C Tue 19°C

Jeddah to Abha Trip Guide

Direct Flights from Jeddah to Abha

Find cheap flights from Jeddah to Abha with Almosafer.

Cheapest flights to Abha from Jeddah

SAR 199

Average direct flights per day

12 flights

Jeddah to Abha Flight Information

Average Flight Duration

1h 10m

Top Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines - Flynas - flyadeal

Origin Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED)

Destination Airport

Abha International Airport (AHB)

Airport Details/Information

Origin Airport Facilities 

King Abdulaziz International Airport



Destination Airport Facilities 

Abha International Airport



  • Wi-Fi
  • Pharmacy
  • Smoking Area
  • Prayer Rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cafeteria
  • Lounge
  • Car hire service

Top Airlines Offering Jeddah to Abha Flights

Fly from Jeddah to Abha with Almosafer & Seek flight deals. Here’s a summary of the best airlines for your trip. 


Baggage policy 

Average Jeddah to Abha flight ticket price

In-flight services

Jeddah to Abha flights - Saudi Airlines

SAUDIA Baggage Allowance Policy

SAR 270

  • Fresh, varied meals and soft drinks
  • Personal screens
  • Giveaway 

Flynas - Jeddah to Abha flights

flynas Baggage Allowance Guide

SAR 199

  • Comfortable seats
  • Hot & cold beverages

Flyadeal -  Jeddah to Abha flights

Flyadeal Baggage Allowance Guide


SAR 219

  • Comfortable seats
  • Mobile/ tablet holder
  • Pre-ordered meals

The ticket prices are applicable to change according to the travel date. 

How to catch the cheapest last-minute flight deal? 

Book your flight from Jeddah to Abha with Almosafer. While flight tickets are typically expensive, we got you covered with tips and tricks that you would find helpful. 

Flights from Jeddah to Abha Booking Tips

  1. Book your ticket as much time in advance as possible.
  2. Fly with budget airlines. 
  3. Download Almosafer app on App Store, Google Play, or Huawei App Gallery for exclusively lower prices on flights, hotel deals, and travel packages.

Abha, A City in the Sky

In the southwest region of Saudi Arabia lies the city of Abha, celebrated for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. Notable attractions include the serene Abha Dam, where mountains, lakes, and lush greenery create a tranquil oasis. 

Asir National Park beckons with its verdant gardens and family-friendly activities, while Green Mountain (Jabal Thera) is renowned for its captivating nightly display of green neon lights. Meanwhile, Habala Hanging Village boasts houses suspended on breathtaking cliffs and thrilling cable car rides. Abha invites you to embark on a journey of natural wonders and unique attractions.

Flights from Jeddah to Abha - FAQs

Q. What is the best Jeddah to Abha flight ticket price?

A. The best price can vary based on the airlines one chooses. If you value luxury you can book through Saudi Arabia Airlines, or if you are looking for a steal then you should book through either flynas or Flyadeal

Q. How to book cheap flight tickets from Jeddah to Abha?

A. To find cheap flights on Almosafers' website, simply enter where you're flying from and to, and when you want to travel. You'll then see a list of all the available flights, then sort it by price. 

Q. How to find the best flight deals from Jeddah to Abha?

A. As flight deals are temporary there is always a great deal at any given time so here are a few tips to check the best deal for you:

  • Check Almosafer offers
  • Have a flexible flight schedule as flights on weekends and holidays are more expensive so why not fly on a weekday?
  • Fly on a connecting flight, as direct flights are more expensive why not fly on a connecting flight?
  • Flying at an odd hour, why not try flying early in the morning or late at night as these flights tend to be much cheaper

Q. What are the best airlines to fly from Jeddah to Abha? 

A. The best airlines to fly from Jeddah to Abha differ with individual choice as some value luxury so they go with Saudi Arabia Airlines while some others value a good deal above all so they go with flynas or Flyadeal as their choice whatever your preference is you'll surely find it at Almosafer 

Q. How long is the flight from Jeddah to Abha? 

A. On average 1 hour and 20 minutes but times can vary due to Routing, Aircraft type and wind conditions on the flight date so check before booking.

Q. Where to check Jeddah to Abha flight time? 

A. You can check the Jeddah to Abha Flight Time through the Almosafers website

Q. Are there any direct flights from Jeddah to Abha?

A. Yes, there are several direct flights from Jeddah to Abha

Q. How to check Jeddah to Abha Flight Schedule?

A. To check available flights on Almosafers’ website, simply enter your departure and arrival airports, as well as your travel dates. You will then see a list of available flights, sorted by price or departure time.

Q. What is the helpline number of Abha International Airport?

A. The helpline number of Abha International Airport is +966 07 224 6011.

Q. When is the best time to travel to Abha?

A. Fall is the peak season of Abha. The weather gets cooler, and plenty of activities take place. 

Q. What are the most famous shopping centers in Abha?

A. The most well-known shopping malls in Abha are Al Rashid Mall, Aseer Mall, and Oasis Shopping mall.

Q. What hotels in Abha are close to Abha International Airport?

A. Abha Airport Hotel, Mercure Hotel Khamis Mushayt, and Shafa Abha Hotel are really close to the airport.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQs About Flights From Jeddah To Abha

  • How to get discount on flights from Jeddah to Abha?

    Check out our latest offers on flights. ✓Pay in Installments Option Available ✓ Download Almosafer App on iOS, Andriod & Huawei for best travel booking experience.

  • What is the flight duration from Jeddah to Abha?

    The flights duration from Jeddah to Abha is 01h 05m and top rated airlines are flyadeal, SaudiGulf Airlines & Flynas.

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