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Flight Options to Morocco

Marrakesh (RUH - RAK



Average 11h 55m  (1 stop)

Average 10h 40m (1 stop)

Average 10h 45m (1 stop)

From SAR 1,654

From SAR 1,921

From SAR 1,539

Casablanca (RUH - CMN)



Average 09h 55m (1 stop)

Average 09h 05m (1 stop)

Average 10h 50m (1 stop)

From SAR 2,589 - Round Trip

From SAR 2,928 - Round Trip

From SAR 1,252

Tangier (RUH - TNG)



Average 19h 50m (+2 stops)

Average 01h 20m (direct Flight)

Average 01h 30m (direct flight)

From SAR 2,309

From SAR 781

From SAR 134

Agadir (RUH - AGA)



Average 22h 00m (2 stops)

Average 20h 25m (2 stops)

Average 01h 00m (direct flight)

From SAR 5,021 - Round Trip

From SAR 1,900

From SAR 420

Rabat (RUH - RBA)



Average 13h 15m (2 stops)

Average 20h 20m (2 stops)

Average 13h 55m (2 stops)

From SAR 2,714

From SAR 3,182

From SAR 4,424

Popular Airports - Morocco

  • Mohammed V International Airport: It is the busiest airport in Morocco, with outstanding facilities, including banking, currency exchange offices, 24-hour medical center, and duty-free outlets.
  • Agadir Al-Massira International Airport: Located 25 kilometers from Agadir city center, the airport is also close to Taroudant.
  • Marrakesh Menara Airport: It is an international airport in Marrakesh that receives flights from European as well as Arab countries and the city of Casablanca.

Top Airlines Flying to Morocco

Seek the best of Almosafer's flight deals and pick your favorite airline. The following are the top airlines that offer flights to Morocco, with the average ticket prices for round trips.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudia Baggage Allowance Policy 

Average Price
SAR 3,000 

  • Adjustable seats
  • Personal screens 

Royal Air Maroc 

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Allowance Policy

Average Price
SAR 408

  • Spacious seats
  • Personal TV with entertainment system


EGYPTAIR Baggage Allowance Policy

Average Price
SAR 2,000

  • Comfortable seats
  • On-board meals 
  • Personal screen on select EGYPTAIR flights

Travel Updates

Check out the latest travel, safety and entry requirements for Morocco.

Morocco… The "Arab West"

Morocco’s location allowed it to catch both cultures of the East and West. It also contributed to its struggles for independence throughout history. Morocco’s rich heritage is therefore accompanied by natural treasures, such as high mountains and sweeping deserts. Not to mention the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines that would add spectacular vibes to any traveler’s trip.

Almosafer got you the complete guide to your trip, starting from flights to Morocco to top attractions and entertainment facilities. 

Most Popular Attractions to Visit in Morocco:

  • The Majorelle Garden: It’s more than merely a botanical garden in Marrakech. It enjoys a long history going back decades ago. It houses the Berber Museum and is close to Yves Saint Laurent Museum. 
  • Bahia Palace: The 19th-century palace is a renowned historic monument. It’s unquestionably on the top of the list of attractions in Marrakech
  • Kutubiyya Mosque: Also known as Jami' al-Kutubiyah, Kutubiyyin Mosque, Kutubiya Mosque, and Mosque of the Booksellers, it’s among the largest Mosques in Morocco. Along with other mosques, this one is regarded as a classic symbol of Almohad architecture and the Moroccan Islamic architecture. 

Most Popular Activities to Do in Morocco:

  • Kid-Friendly Activities: There is a lot to do when traveling as a family. You can visit parks and natural spots and have a splendid time, such as Croco Park and Souss Massa National Park.
  • Marrakesh and Fez Tours: These 2 cities are your destination if you’re looking for exciting activities like safari, camel riding, and hot air balloons tours.    
  • Swimming & Hiking: With all these beaches and mountains, you just can’t miss trying swimming and/or hiking when you get the chance. 

The above information is collected from Google Travel guide to Morocco.

Plan your Itinerary and Learn About Morocco Through our FAQs

Q. Is Morocco open to travelers?

A. Morocco is open under specific conditions, including a Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Only travelers with positive test results are required to quarantine. However, it is recommended to check the latest travel update before booking your tickets. 

Q. When is the best time to travel to Morocco?

A. Spring and fall are characterized by pleasant weather. The rest of the year might be a bit extreme but still bearable. 

Q. What is the nearest airport to Atlas Mountains?

A. Both airports in Fes (Fes Sais International Airport) and Marrakesh (Marrakesh Menara Airport) have direct access to the Atlas Mountains.

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