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Local Time


12:09 PM


12:09 PM


Saudi Arabia Kingdom


Saudi Arabia Kingdom


FoodBased on Affordable Restaurant


6.66 USD


4.27 USD

Public TransportOne-way Ticket


0.84 USD


2.67 USD

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Weather in Riyadh for the next 7 days

Wed 25°C Thu 26°C Fri 25°C Sat 25°C Sun 26°C Mon 25°C Tue 20°C

Weather in Tabuk for the next 7 days

Wed 18°C Thu 18°C Fri 20°C Sat 22°C Sun 21°C Mon 21°C Tue 22°C

Riyadh to Tabuk Trip Guide

Riyadh to Tabuk Flight Information

Average Fight Duration


Top Airlines

flyadeal, Saudia, flynas

Origin Airport

King Khalid International Airport (RUH)

Destination Airport

                          Tabuk Regional Airport (TUU)

Airport Details/Information

Origin Airport Facilities

King Khalid International Airport

Destination Airport Facilities

                       Tabuk Regional Airport


  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • WIFI
  • Currency exchange
  • Travel agency
  • VIP lounge
  • Car Rental
  • Currency exchange
  • Gift shop

Travel Updates

Check out the latest travel, safety and entry requirements for Saudi Arabia.

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Book your flight from Riyadh to Tabuk with Almosafer. Here are a few tips on booking the cheapest flight tickets.

If you would like to cut expenditure on your flight ticket, you can simply check out the following ideas:

  1. Book your tickets as early as you can.
  2. Book transit flights if possible.
  3. Go for budget airlines.
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Baggage guides of popular airlines flying to Riyadh

Seek out the best of Almosafer's flight deals and pick your favorite airline:

Travel from Riyadh to Tabuk with Almosafer at affordable prices. Choose your ticket with Saudi Airlines for around SAR 420. For cheaper options, book your ticket at a price average of SAR 228 on Flyadeal.
Tabuk … The Northwestern Border of  Saudi Arabia

Tabuk city is one of the fastest-growing industrial cities in Saudi Arabia. This cultural jewel is where you can visit historical landmarks, museums, castles, and famous souqs (Tabuk Castle and Mugha’ir Shu’ayb). Have a pleasant time shopping for local and international brands in luxurious malls in Tabuk city (Almakan Mall, and Tabuk Park Mall). The city is an ideal destination for beach vacations, Red Sea diving, and hiking.

Exciting Places to Visit in Tabuk.

  • Hejaz Railway: This railroad was established to facilitate pilgrimage between Damascus, Syria, to Saudi Arabia. It played a huge part in connecting the Ottoman Empire provinces. 

  • Al Tawba Mosque: One of the most Islamic significant landmarks in Tabuk. Its importance came ages ago where the prophet Mohammed and the soldiers built it out of mud, bricks, and palm-tree trunks during the Battle of Tabuk. 

  • Tabuk Aquapark: The city brings to you the very best place to enjoy summertime with your family. Tabuk Aquapark has pools, fun activities, and restaurants.

  • Tabuk Park Mall: Enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience at Tabuk’s Largest Shopping Mall.  Travelers can shop for local and global brands all in one place.

Plan your Itinerary and Learn About Tabuk Through our FAQs

Q. What are the cheap flights from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A.  One way to find all kinds of flights, including budget-friendly options from Riyadh to Tabuk. To use Almosafer Simply fill in your departure and arrival airports, as well as your travel date, and click "search." The cheapest flights will be displayed at the top of the page.

Q. What is the best Riyadh to Tabuk flight ticket price?

A. Since flight ticket prices are constantly changing, you need to be vigilant to find the best deals. To increase your chances of securing the most affordable flight ticket possible, consider the following general tips and strategies::

  • Plan ahead and book early. As the date of your flight approaches, prices tend to increase. Booking well in advance can help you lock in a lower fare.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates. Weekends and holidays are peak travel times, so flights are more expensive. Consider flying on a weekday if possible.
  • Consider a connecting flight. Direct flights are often more expensive than connecting flights. Don't be afraid to consider a connecting flight if it can save you money.
  • Fly at an off-peak time. Flights early in the morning or late at night are often much cheaper than flights during the day.

Q. How to book cheap flight tickets from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A. To uncover the most budget-friendly flights on Almosafers' website, simply:

  • Input your travel details, including your origin and destination airports, as well as your travel dates.
  • Click "Search" to generate a list of all available flights.
  • Click "Cheapest Price" to arrange the flights in order of price, from lowest to highest.

Q. How to find the best flight deals from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A. While flight prices are always changing, this also presents the opportunity to find incredible deals. Here are a few tips to aid you in your quest for the cheapest flights possible:

  • Make regular visits to Almosafer’s offers page. Almosafer frequently offers special deals and discounts on flights, so it is prudent to check the website regularly to see what is available.
  • Keep an eye out for offer banners. A banner will be displayed at the top of the page if a discount is available for your flight. Be sure to seize the opportunity!

Q. What are the best airlines to fly from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A. Optimizing your Riyadh to Tabuk flight experience depends on prioritizing your needs. Saudi Arabia Airlines offers luxury, while Flynas or Flyadeal cater to budget-conscious travellers.

Q. How long is the flight from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A. The average flight time from Riyadh to Tabuk is 1 hour and 55 minutes. However, the actual flight time may vary depending on the route, the type of aircraft, and weather conditions. It is therefore advisable to check the flight time before booking.

Q. Where to check Riyadh to Tabuk flight time?

A. you can check the Riyadh to Tabuk flight time on Almosafer. To find the flight time for Riyadh to Tabuk flights on Almosafers, simply go to the website and enter your flight details, such as your departure and arrival airports, and your travel date.

Q. Are there any direct flights from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A. Yes, there are several direct flights from Riyadh to Tabuk. To find direct flights from Riyadh to Tabuk, simply enter your departure and arrival airports, and travel dates, and click search. All flights will be listed, then you can filter by clicking the "Direct flights only" button on the left to show only direct flights.

Q. How much is the flight ticket price from Riyadh to Tabuk?

A. The average price of a flight ticket from Riyadh to Tabuk ranges from 566 SAR to 1,463 SAR. However, this range is subject to change due to a variety of factors, such as demand, fuel costs, competition, and operating expenses. Therefore, it is always advisable to verify the price before booking your ticket.

Q. When is the best time to book RUH to EJH flights?

A. The optimal time to book flights from Riyadh (RUH) to Wedjh (EJH) is typically 2-3 weeks in advance. However, this can vary depending on the time of year and airline. For instance, during peak season (such as summer or holidays), it is advisable to book flights even further in advance, as prices are likely to be higher.

If you are seeking the most affordable flights possible, you may want to consider flying during the off-season. The off-season in Saudi Arabia is typically from June to September. During this time, flight prices are typically lower due to lower demand.

Q. What are the best places to eat in Tabuk?

A. You can enjoy Saudi dishes at  Al-Qaryah Al-Turathiyah RestaurantAlso, Shai Ward and Curry Palace are among the finest restaurants to have Indian cuisine in Tabuk.

Q. When is the best time to visit Tabuk?

A. The dry weather hits Tabuk city during summer time so the best time to visit Tabuk is between November and June. 

Q. What are the best shopping malls in Tabuk?

A. Take an opportunity to shop at famous shopping centres in Tabuk Al Sanabil Shopping Center and Al Hokair Mall.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

FAQs About Flights From Riyadh To Tabuk

  • How to get discount on flights from Riyadh to Tabuk?

    Check out our latest offers on flights. ✓Pay in Installments Option Available ✓ Download Almosafer App on iOS, Andriod & Huawei for best travel booking experience.

  • What is the flight duration from Riyadh to Tabuk?

    The flights duration from Riyadh to Tabuk is 01h 55m and top rated airlines are Saudi Arabian Airlines.

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