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Quick Facts About Dammam

Local Time


01:38 AM


Saudi Arabia Kingdom



Based on Affordable Restaurant

5.33 USD

Public Transport

One-way Ticket

0.53 USD

Average temperature



Weather for the next 7 days

Fri 16°C Sat 16°C Sun 17°C Mon 22°C Tue 20°C Wed 19°C Thu 19°C

Almosafer: Ultimate Travel Guide and Flight Booking To Dammam

Dammam is a vibrant city located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and it's one of the fastest-growing cities in the region. This city boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, and a thriving business hub. To make your trip to Dammam even more memorable, we recommend visiting during the best time to visit Dammam. Our Dammam travel guide has everything you need to know about the city's weather, attractions, and events. Welcome to Almosafer, your go-to travel platform for exploring the beautiful city of Dammam. With our wide range of flights to Dammam, finding airfare to this stunning destination has never been easier. Whether you're looking for cheap flights to Dammam or direct flights to Dammam from your departure city, we've got you covered.

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Enjoy Almosafer wide selection of Dammam flights, you can easily find the perfect option that meets your needs and budget. We work with a variety of Dammam airlines to offer you the best deals on Dammam tickets, so you can save time and money on your travel. Upon arrival, you'll land at the modern and bustling Dammam airport, where you'll experience world-class facilities and services. Almosafer also provides you with access to Dammam airport information, including arrivals, departures, and other important details that will help you navigate the airport with ease. So, whether you're traveling to Dammam for business or pleasure, we've got you covered with our wide selection of Dammam flights and Dammam airlines. Book your flights to Dammam today and experience the beauty and culture of this incredible city.


In-flight Services

Saudia Airlines

  • Meals and beverages
  • Wi-Fi
  • Power outlets
  • Blankets and pillows


  • Hundreds of movies,and TV shows
  • Complimentary meals and beverages
  • Shower facilities
  • Comfort amenities

Qatar Airways

  • comfortable space with sliding doors
  • luxurious product
  • Onboard lounge
  • Power outlets

Turkish Airlines

  • Power outlets
  • Pillows, and amenity kits on long flights
  • Lounge access
  • In-seat power outlets and USB ports

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Discover the Best Shopping, Fun Activities, and Cultural Trips in Dammam

 Shopping in Dammam 

With a range of shopping malls, markets, and souks, it's no wonder why Dammam attracts shoppers from all over the region. One of the most popular shopping destinations in Dammam is the Dhahran Mall. It is a modern mall that houses a range of international brands, department stores, and restaurants. Another great option is the Al Danah Mall, which offers a unique shopping experience with a mix of local and international brands. For those looking for a more traditional shopping experience, the Al Danah Souk is a must-visit. It is a bustling marketplace that sells everything from local crafts to textiles and spices.

Fun Activittes to Do in Dammam

With a variety of indoor and outdoor options, there is something for everyone in Dammam. For those looking for outdoor activities, Dammam has several beautiful parks such as Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Park and Al Danah Park. These parks offer scenic views, walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas, making them perfect for a family day out.

For thrill-seekers, Dammam also offers adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving, dune bashing, and ATV rides in the nearby desert. Visitors can also enjoy water sports such as kayaking and jet skiing at Half Moon Bay, one of the most popular beaches in the area. Indoor activities in Dammam include escape rooms, virtual reality experiences, and bowling alleys. The city also has several entertainment centers like Al Danah Mall and Dareen Mall, which offer a range of activities including movie theaters, ice skating rinks, and arcade games.

Cultural Trips in Dammam

Visitors can explore the city's cultural heritage through various attractions, including museums, galleries, and traditional markets.

One popular cultural attraction in Dammam is the Dammam Regional Museum, which showcases the city's history and culture through a variety of exhibits, including artifacts from ancient civilizations, local art and crafts, and a display of traditional clothing and jewelry. Another must-visit museum is the Heritage Village, which features replicas of traditional houses and historical buildings, offering visitors a glimpse into the region's past.

For those interested in art, the Al Danah Art Gallery is a must-visit destination. Located in Al Khobar, a neighboring city to Dammam, the gallery features a diverse collection of contemporary and traditional art from local and international artists.

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Most Asked Questions for Flights to Dammam

Q. What is the duration of a flight to Dammam?

A. The flight duration depends on the departure city and airline, but typically, it takes around 1-2 hours to fly to Dammam from nearby countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, and UAE, and around 1-3 hours from other cities in Saudi Arabia.

Q. What is the cheapest time to fly to Dammam?

A. The cheapest time to fly to Dammam is usually during the low season, which is from May to October. However, prices may vary based on demand and other factors.

Q. What is the baggage allowance for flights to Dammam?

A. The baggage allowance varies by airline and ticket class. It's always best to check with your airline for specific baggage allowances.

Q. What is the best time to visit Dammam?

A. The best time to visit Dammam is between November to April when the weather is mild and pleasant. However, be aware that this is also the peak tourist season, so prices may be higher.

Q. What are the top attractions to visit in Dammam?

A. Some of the top attractions in Dammam include the Al Danah Mall, King Fahd Park, the Dammam Corniche, and the Dammam Regional Museum.

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Dammam?

A. This depends on your nationality. Visitors from most countries require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. You can check with the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in your country for more information on visa requirements.

FAQs for Flights to Dammam

  • What is the cheapest day to book flights to Dammam?

    The cheapest day to book flights to Dammam is Sunday.

  • What is the prime airport name in Dammam?

    The prime airport name in Dammam is King Fahd International Airport

  • What is the local time in Dammam?

    The local time in Dammam is 01:38 AM. It's important to be aware of the time difference when planning your trip to Dammam to ensure you arrive at the airport on time and adjust your activities accordingly.

  • What is the currency of Dammam?

    The official currency of Dammam is the SAR. When traveling to Dammam, it is important to familiarize yourself with the local currency to ensure smooth transactions and a hassle-free experience. You can exchange your currency to SAR at banks, currency exchange offices, or designated exchange counters at the airport.

  • How can I add extra services like in-flight meals or seat upgrades?

    On Almosafer, you can easily add extra services like in-flight meals or seat upgrades during the flight booking process. Once you have selected your flights, you will be presented with options to customize your booking. Choose the desired additional services, and they will be added to your itinerary. This allows you to enhance your travel experience and enjoy added comfort and convenience.

  • How will I receive my flight ticket after booking?

    After completing your flight booking on Almosafer, you will receive your flight ticket via email. The ticket will be sent to the email address provided during the booking process. It is important to check your inbox, including the spam or junk folders, to ensure you receive and have access to your flight ticket.

  • Are there famous airlines that operate in Saudi Arabia Kingdom?

    Saudi Arabia Kingdom is home to several renowned airlines that operate both domestically and internationally. Some of the famous airlines in Saudi Arabia Kingdom include Saudi Arabian Airlines, Flynas & Gulf Air. These airlines provide a wide range of flight options and excellent services for traveller.

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