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Flight Options to the Philippines

Manila (RUH - MNL)



Average 14h 30m (1 stop)

Average 15h 25m (1 stop)

Average 13h 00m (1 stop)

From SAR 1,965

From SAR 1,537

From SAR 1,850

Cebu (KWI - CEB)



Average 16h 35m (1 stop)

Average 35h 00m (2 stops)

Average 20h 30m (2 stops)

From SAR 2,990

From SAR 3,302

From SAR 4,069

Clark (AHB - CRK)



Average 20h 00m (2 stops)

Average 20h 15m (2 stops)

Average 18h 10m (2 stops)

From SAR 5,498

From SAR 2,948

From SAR 2,296

Popular Airports - The Philippines

  • Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport: Being the busiest airport in the country, it provides a wide array of facilities, such as free Wi-Fi, medical services, duty-free shops, money exchange offices, spa, prayer areas, and baby care facilities. Besides, the airport is equipped with wheelchair-accessible ramps, toilets, and lifts.
  • Clark international airport: It’s known as Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and receives flights to the Philippines from many countries around the world. 
  • Mactan-Cebu International Airport: It’s the second busiest international airport in the country. It serves the Central Visayas region.

Top Airlines Flying to the Philippines

Seek the best of Almosafer's cheap flights to the Philippines and pick your favorite airline. The following are the top airlines that offer flights to the Philippines, with the average ticket prices.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudia Baggage Allowance Policy 

Average Price
2,350 SAR

  • Entertainment kit
  • Food options

Philipines Airlines

Philipines Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

Average Price
4,900 SAR 

  • Spacious seats
  • Basics kit

Gulf Air

Gulf Air Baggage Allowance Policy

Average Price
2,365 SAR 

  • Movable headrests
  • Built-in screens 

Travel Updates

Check out the latest travel, safety and entry requirements for the Philippines.

The Philippines… Pearl of the Orient Seas

The Republic of the Philippines consists of 7,000 islands. Known for its beaches, Volcanos, and wildlife, the Philippines is on the top list of tourist destinations in Asia. The capital Manila reflects every beautiful aspect of the country. Located on the shore of Manila pay and the Pasig River, the city enjoys striking sunsets and dazzling views. While its architecture takes you to colonial times, it remains a modern city with multiple business centers and the huge Mall of Asia. Manila is an artistic city as well, with an abundance of art galleries and vibrant music heard in almost every corner of the city. Ultimately, The Philippines is a stunning country with various activities and iconic landmarks.

Most Popular Attractions to Visit in the Philippines:

  • Pinto Art Museum: Overlooking a stunning landscape, the museum showcases a collection of the Philippines' contemporary artworks. It’s divided into outdoor art installations, six galleries, and an indigenous arts section.
  • Manila Ocean Park: You will need more than 3 whole hours to explore Manila Ocean Park. It embraces an array of outstanding attractions, marine life exhibits, fancy restaurants, and many more. 
  • Rizal Park: It's also known as 'Luneta,' which used to be the park's name in the 1950s. Rizal Park is a remarkable central park with decorative gardens, open lawns, paved walks, wooded spots, and ponds. Nature lovers would relish taking a walk in the park with its striking views and relaxing atmosphere. The Rizal Park even offers its visitors a map specifying 40 important sights with historical significance within the park. It's, therefore, distinguished by scattered monuments of Filipino heroes. For example, the monument of the Filipino nationalist and polymath, José Rizal, stands as a national symbol. The park, as you may have noticed, is named after him. It was the exact location where the Spanish colonial authorities executed Rizal in the 19th century.
  • Chocolate Hills: The 1,260 hills are a geological formation in the Bohol province. Its name was derived from the color of the grass during the dry season as it turns brown. These hills are considered a symbol of the Philippines’ nature as they are the country's third National Geological Monument.

Most Popular Activities to Do in the Philippines:

  • Shopping: Take some time to explore the Philippines' atmosphere and culture. Then, seize the chance to immerse yourself in the unique shopping experience ahead of you.
  • Water Activities: With the abundance of beaches you can visit, swimming, diving, surfing, sailing, and other water activities will take your trip to a whole new level. 
  • Hiking: Mount Batulao, Mount Daraitan, and Mount Batulao are a few of the Philippines’ mountains. The Philippines is, therefore, the perfect place for adventurous tourists. 

The above information is collected from Google Travel guide to Philippines.

Plan your Itinerary and Learn About the Philippines Through our FAQs

Q. Is the Philippines open to travelers?

A. Flights to the Philippines are currently available. Quarantine is also not required anymore. However, it is recommended to check the latest travel updates before booking tickets to the Philippines.  

Q. What is the currency of the Philippines?

A. The Philippines is dealing in PHP, so make sure to budget your home currency accordingly to the current PHP rate.

Q. When is the best time to visit the Philippines?

A. Generally, the country is characterized by a tropical climate, which causes the wet season to last from June to November. Therefore, the best time to visit the city is during the dry season, from December to May. The average temperature is around (27 °C) throughout the whole year. So, technically you can fly to the Philippines anytime unless you really can’t stand some rain. 

Q. What are the languages the locals speak?

A. The official language of the country is Filipino. However, locals speak about 87 regional dialects, such as Mandarin, Hokkien, and Cantonese. On the other hand, tourists rarely encounter a problem in communication as English is widely spoken due to business and legal matters.  

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

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