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Book Flights To Saudi Arabia Kingdom

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Flight Options to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh (DXB - Ruh)



Average 01h 45m 

Average 01h 35m 

Average 02h 45m 

From SAR 429

From SAR 189

From SAR 532

Jeddah (RUH - JED)



Average 01h 40m 

Average 02h 10m 

Average 02h 15m 

From SAR 209

From SAR 249 

From SAR 498

Dammam (JED - DMM)



Average 02h 05m 

Average 01h 05m 

Average 02h 05m 

From SAR 229

From SAR 134

From SAR 290

Abha (RUH - AHB)



Average 01h 40m 

Average 01h 20m

Average 06h 35m (1 stop)

From SAR 259 

From SAR 239

From SAR 919

Madina (RUH - MED)


(CAI - MED)  

Average 01h 25m 

Average 02h 00m 

Average 07h 05m (1 stop)

From SAR 169

From SAR 189

From SAR 628

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Popular Airports - Saudi Arabia 

  • King Khalid international airport: With 5 terminals, the airport receives many flights to Saudi Arabia on a daily basis. It hence provides a wide range of services such as restaurants & cafés, lounges, barbershops, duty-free shops, free Wi-Fi, mosque, money exchange offices, medical services & first aid facilities. The airport is also equipped with disability facilities, which are wheelchairs, lifts, and reserved parking slots. 
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport: It could be the most important airport in Saudi Arabia. Its amenities include money exchange offices, banking services, a pharmacy, a mosque, restaurants & cafes. The disability facilities include wheelchairs, lifts, toilets, and parking slots. 
  • King Fahd International Airport: It's also one of the busiest airports in Saudi Arabia. The 3-terminal airport includes lounges, banking services, money exchange offices, a pharmacy, a mosque, duty-free shops, restaurants & cafes, children's play areas, and baby care rooms. The disability facilities include wheelchairs, lifts, and parking slots. 

Saudi Arabia Ticket Prices & Top Airlines

Seek the best of Almosafer's cheap flights to Saudi Arabia and pick your favorite airline. The following are the top airlines that offer flights to Saudi Arabia, with the average ticket prices.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudia Baggage Allowance Policy 

Average Price

SAR 741 

  • entertainment kit
  • Personal screens
  • International food options


flynas Baggage Allowance Policy 

Average Price

SAR 289

  • Snacks and beverages
  • Comfortable seats


Flyadeal Baggage Allowance Policy 

Average Price

SAR 239

  • Pre-ordered meals 
  • Onboard shopping

Saudi Arabia … "The Land of the Two Holy Mosques"

Saudi Arabia is defined by a lot of titles. It's the second-largest country in the Arab world, the fifth largest country in Asia, and most importantly, the birthplace of Islam. The kingdom is, therefore, characterized by significant position, splendid beauty, and spiritual vibes. 

In other words, it's home to Madina and Mecca, where you can find the holiest Islamic sites ever. While just outside the capital Riyadh, you will be mesmerized by the well-renowned 'Edge of the World' site. Moreover, if you're seeking more relaxing activities, you can go to Jeddah's luxury beaches and have a relaxing time. Eventually, Saudi Arabia is a thriving destination with tons of activities that would totally change your mind if you haven't visited it already. 

Hurry up, and book your tickets to Saudi Arabia!

Most Popular Attractions to Visit in Saudi Arabia:

  • King Fahd's Fountain: It’s the highest fountain in the world, reaching from 240 to 312 meters. Situated on  Jeddah Corniche, it perfectly decorates the scene as it pumps the Red Sea water. 
  • National Museum: Part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, the museum displays a miscellaneous collection of items that go back to prehistoric times. 
  • Masjid al-Haram: It’s the holiest mosque in Islam, located in Mecca, comes after it Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Madina. 
  • Mount Uhud: This volcanic-rocked mountain is the most noteworthy in the Arabian Peninsula. You’ll be dazzled by the rock engravings, imposed castles, and ancient monuments. 

Most Popular Activities to Do in Saudi Arabia:

The above information is collected from Google Travel guide to Saudi Arabia

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Plan your Itinerary and Learn About Saudi Arabia Through our FAQs

Q. Which is the best airport to land in Saudi Arabia?

A. All airports in Saudi Arabia provide excellent services and wide facility options. So, it's up to you to choose a specific airport based on your itinerary. 

Q. Which airport is the closest to Makkah?

A. Most passengers heading to Makkah travel to Jeddah airport as it’s around 75 km away. However, Taif Airport is also the same distance to Makkah. 

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.

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