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Baggage Allowance for Middle East Airlines

Baggage Allowance for Middle East Airlines

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About Middle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines (MEA) is the national carrier of Lebanon. It is headquartered in Beirut and its main hub is Rafik Hariri International Airport. It flies to more than 80 destinations worldwide, including domestic and international destinations as well as chartered flights. Middle East Airlines has been a continuous recipient of prestigious accolades for its services and operations, for the last two decades. Along with that it was ranked among the world’s best airlines in 2017 by Skytrax.

About Middle East Airlines

  • Carry-on baggage (Hand carry bag)

Passengers are allowed to carry this type of baggage with them in the cabin and store it either under the frontal seat or in the overhead compartment, considering the dimension

  • Checked luggage 

Passengers can’t carry this type of baggage with them in the passenger’s cabin, yet it is allowed to be stored in a specific place in the aircraft (cargo compartment). Each airline set specifications and dimensions to maintain safety standards. They should label each baggage with passenger information. 

  • Infant baggage 

The type of baggage passengers can carry with them as a free allowance after consideration of dimension and weight. Baggage must contain infant food that will be consumed during the flight and other related items.

  • Special Baggage

Airlines set policies for the baggage with different sizes and shapes, differ in weight, and where to be stored either in the cabin or cargo compartment.

Hand / Carry-on baggage

Hand baggage must not exceed 121 cm in dimension (56cm x 40cm x 25cm). Weight is differ according to the destination and the ticket class, please check the baggage calculator from MEA official website

Other additional items that passengers can carry without paying extra fees 

  • One overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • One umbrella, walking stick
  • Lady's handbag, pocketbook, purse
  • One fully collapsible wheelchair, a pair of crutches
  • One fully collapsible stroller
  • Infants food for consumption in flight, not to exceed 3kg
  • One small camera and/or pair of binoculars
  • Braces, a prosthetic device for the passenger use
  • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight

 Checked baggage

Weight system 


Economy class

Business class








Checked baggage must not exceed the total of 158 cm (70cm x 50cm x 38cm) in the dimension

Piece system 

It totally differs from the origin and arrival destinations; it varies between 23 - 30 kg for the economy and business classes. 

Passengers who have MEA frequent miles can add extra weight and pieces without purchasing extra weight 

Extra baggage allowance





Weight System


30 additional kilograms

20 additional kilograms

10 additional kilograms

Piece System on MEA flights


Two extra pieces up to 30KG each

One extra piece up to 30KG


Two extra pieces up to 23KG each

One extra piece up to 23KG

Piece concept on SkyTeam flights

                                      1 piece of 23 kgs

Passengers with infants can carry extra baggage up to 10 kgs, the extra baggage should be for the baby’s food, which will be consumed during the flight.

Special baggage 

Sports Equipments 

Equipments which are less than 23 kgs will be ‌free of charge, yet if the equipment exceeds 23 kgs passengers will pay 200 USD. 

Examples of Sports equipment 

  • Golf bag
  • Diving
  • Cycling
  • Surfing
  • Skiing equipment

*Racket and sticks are not permitted in handbags but can be accepted as hold baggage.

Musical Instruments

  • If the musical instrument fit in the dimension, it will be carried with the passenger in the cabin as part of t]his free allowance baggage. 
  • Passengers could purchase another seat for the instruments that don’t fit the overhead compartment, such as bass or cello.
  • The huge musical instruments, it will be stored in the cargo and considered as checked baggage allowance.

Damaged or delayed baggage 

  • In case of delayed baggage or damaged, passengers must contact MEA lost and found center immediately. 
  • Passengers could track their delayed baggage from the MEA official website, tracker service is not provided in all countries because of local government restrictions. 
  • Liability for delayed or damaged baggage could be reduced if the baggage was presented for check-in unsuitably packed or after the recommended check-in time.

Restricted items 

  • Electrical Items/Battery Driven Wheelchair
  • Sporting Ski equipment/snowboards and water ski
  • Kayaks or Canoes
  • Racket, sticks, and skateboard
  • Bicycles
  • Sports equipment equipped with a battery
  • Tools and Sharp Objects
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Safety matches
  • Firelighters
  • Paint, Petrol, Lighter refills
  • ammunition
  • blasting caps
  • detonators and fuses
  • replica or imitation explosive devices
  • mines, grenades and other explosive military stores
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnics
  • smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges
  • dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives

For more information, please visit the official website 

Passengers who have baggage exceed the free allowance after consideration of ticket class and destination, they are allowed to purchase more allowance from the official website 

*All of the above information is updated according to Middle East Airline Baggage allowances.

*The content of this page is professionally articulated and accurately reviewed by Almosafer's editorial team to ensure that the content is always up to date and accurate.

FAQs for Middle East Airlines

  • Does Middle East Airlines allow web check-in?

    Yes, Middle East Airlines allows web check-in.

  • Does Middle East Airlines provide online seat selection?

    Yes, Middle East Airlines offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.

  • Can I cancel my flight on Middle East Airlines?

    Almosafer would help you with cancellations. Make sure to check our cancellation policy before making any changes. Furthermore, Cancellation information can be found via your booking details.

  • How can I find cheap Middle East Airlines flights?

    Compare hundreds of flights and select your date with the cheapest flight with Almosafer. Book in advance and discover great flight deals on Middle East Airlines.



  • Does Middle East Airlines offer priority boarding?

    Middle East Airlines provide priority boarding to business and first-class passengers, passengers with frequent flyer status or loyalty program members, and passengers with disabilities or special needs.

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