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Baggage Allowance for Turkish Airlines

Baggage Allowance for Turkish Airlines

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About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933, with only five aircraft. Now the national flag carrier airline services over 300 destinations around the world. Over the years, the airline's success story continues with a high comfort level and modern high-tech. Turkish airline conduct flights to 120 countries with a fleet of 377 aircraft earning the title of the Best Airline in Europe.

About Turkish Airlines

Checked Baggage

The following entails one-way flights for one passenger:

  • Infants are allowed a piece of baggage weighing 10 kg on each flight and 23 kg on flights under the piece baggage application.
  • Strollers that do not exceed 115 cm on all flights.
  • Child passengers carry the same baggage allowance as adult passengers.


Baggage Allowance

# of Pieces

Economy Class

23 kg

1 piece

Business Class

32 kg

1 piece

Cabin Baggage

  • The baggage should be 23x40x55 cm and weighs 8 kg to fit the overhead locker.
  • Container size exceeding 100 ml cannot be carried in the cabin.
  • You can bring respiratory devices to the cabin. 
  • You can take your medicines with your doctor's report.
  • You can carry make-up stuff in the cabin.
  • A lightweight stroller should not exceed these dimensions of 70x30 cm.

Passengers need to use the airline’s baggage calculator to check the allowance for specific flights.

Extra Baggage

Turkish Airlines ensures comfortable travels for extra baggage benefits. You can use the baggage calculator tool to find your flight's extra baggage fees.

  • The extra baggage fee on joint flights is ranged between 340-450 USD.
  • The extra baggage fee on stopover flights varies between 10-180 USD.
  • A one-piece baggage weighing 23-32 kg for Economy and Business Class will be charged 80 USD.
  • Baggage exceeding 32 KG must be divided into two or more pieces. 

Forbidden Materials Inside the Cabin
Check out some restrictions on specific items in the cabin baggage.

  • It is forbidden to bring firearms and sharp items such as scissors, a penknife, and sewing kits.
  • Golf, baseball, bats, cricket, and similar items are prohibited in the cabin.
  • It is prohibited to carry flammable materials.
  • Toy guns and gun-shaped lighters are also restricted from being carried in the cabin.
  • Check the restriction page for more detailed information.

Restrictions Imposed on Liquids are as Follows:

  • Liquids or any semi-solid substances should be packed in a vacuum, sealed, adhesive bag.
  • Any items at risk of leakage or spillage are not allowed on board in cabin baggage.
  • Liquid (excluding water) cannot exceed a maximum of 5 liters; each should be sealed n one-liter packages.

Liquids that don’t meet the criteria will be thrown away at the airport security stations. Check out the restriction page for important information on baggage handling before traveling.
Restrictions Imposed on Sports equipment are as Follows:
passengers can now enjoy exclusive services with their sports equipment.

  • You are asked to make a reservation entry.
  • Carrying sport set equipment on flights shall not exceed 23 kg. 
  • Sports set transportation service is for domestic flights cost you 109 TRY.
  • The first sports set is free of charge for international flights, and the second set is applied with a special baggage fee.
  • The equipment should be packed in their bags to prevent damage.
  • Sports equipment is only accepted as checked baggage.
  • Sports equipment that exceeds 32 kg must be split into two pieces of baggage, and each baggage will be charged separately.

Restrictions Imposed on Musical equipment are as Follows:

  • You need to make a reservation for your musical equipment at least 48 hours before your flight.
  • Pack your instrument in a hard case with a fragile label.
  • Small instruments with dimensions that do not exceed 118 cm can be transported in the cabin free of charge.
  • Musical instruments that do not exceed 140x42x25 cm (width, length and depth) and not more than 75 kg can be carried inside the cabin for a fee.
  •  Large music instruments like contrabass are held as checked baggage. 
  • You will pay an extra baggage fee if you exceed your baggage allowance. 

Lost, Damaged, Delayed Baggages

If you do not receive your luggage at the end of the flight or receive your baggage with missing belongings inside, you can head to the Turkish Airlines Lost and Found Office at the airport. Track your luggage through the Baggage tracking service.

Traveling With Pets
Reservation should be done longer than 6 hours before the flight departure time. The number of pets depends on the aircraft type. 

  • Two pet cages are allowed for each passenger (except for transfers with the Turkish Cargo).
  • One cage only is allowed in the cabin if the pet does not weigh more than 8 kg and the cage size does not overreach 23 cm high, 30 cm wide and 40 cm long.
  • The cage must have ventilation holes on three sides for sufficient air circulation.
  • Puppies and kittens less than ten weeks old are not allowed on Turkish Airlines flights.
  • Parrots and pigeons must be transported in the aircraft hold (AVIH).
  • Finally, the pilot has the last call about whether pets can be transported in the aircraft hold or not. 
  • The carriage of pets is not included in the free baggage allowance and is subject to fees.

Important Restrictions For All Baggages
Check out the following restrictions for baggage information before traveling.


Can be carried 

With you

Can be carried inside cabin baggage

Can be carried in the checked baggage


Hair spray, perfumes, and medicines containing alcohol.

Maximum of 100 ml is allowed in the cabin.

Sprays used at home or during sports that are not flammable.




Gun-shaped lighters and  Toy guns




Matches and lighters that do not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel other than liquid gas.



Blue-flame lighters are prohibited

Wheelchairs with non-leak batteries and Wheelchairs with lithium batteries or batteries that may leak 




Foldable wheelchairs with batteries or lithium-ion batteries (except for electric-battery operated bicycles, Segways, etc.)




Portable electronic devices with lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries or standard batteries


Portable electronic devices include non-leak batterıes



Thermometers or barometers containing mercury.




Hair curling devices containing hydrocarbon gas


Up to 1 per passenger.

Alcoholic drinks

The maximum alcohol content allowed is 70%. The maximum amount of alcohol that one passenger can carry is 5 liters.

Sharp objects (penknives, knives, walking sticks in the shape of umbrellas, etc.)



Does not exceed two items for each passenger.

Personal self-defense items example: electroshock devices and pepper spray.





Click for more information about Conditions of Carriage.

For more information, please refer back to Turkish Airlines Excess baggage terms & conditions official pages.

Disclaimer: All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking.


FAQs for Turkish Airlines

  • Does Turkish Airlines allow web check-in?

    Yes, Turkish Airlines allows web check-in.

  • Does Turkish Airlines provide online seat selection?

    Yes, Turkish Airlines offers online seat selection at a nominal fee or free. It depends on your flight booking.

  • Can I cancel my flight on Turkish Airlines?

    Almosafer would help you with cancellations. Make sure to check our cancellation policy before making any changes. Furthermore, Cancellation information can be found via your booking details.

  • How can I find cheap Turkish Airlines flights?

    Compare hundreds of flights and select your date with the cheapest flight with Almosafer. Book in advance and discover great flight deals on Turkish Airlines.



  • Does Turkish Airlines offer priority boarding?

    Turkish Airlines provide priority boarding to business and first-class passengers, passengers with frequent flyer status or loyalty program members, and passengers with disabilities or special needs.

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